Come play bingo with and for us! Every Wednesday in May at 7 pm. Hilltop Tavern, 2510 W Sims Way

Come play bingo with and for us! Every Wednesday in May at 7 pm. Hilltop Tavern, 2510 W Sims Way

Our friends at Bonita's and at Pet Town can recommend things the shelter needs.

Share your birthday wishes!

Tell your friends that your birthday wish is a donation in your name to us! Easy to do in real life or on Facebook when the day is near. We will happily add to the "in honor/memory" page any donations and photos. The page needs more photos!

Shop Amazon

If you shop at Amazon please use this—Amazon Smile option. We get a half percent of all your purchases at no added cost to you.

We have an Amazon wish list too!


Shop Cafe Press


We have a shop at Cafe Press where you can find things to show the world your support of HSJCWA. We think everyone should Keep Calm and Carry Treats!


Membership in the Humane Society of Jefferson County WA is open to anyone who supports our objectives.

Dues are $25.00 per year or a lifetime membership for a donation of $1000.00, any additional contribution is tax deductible. All membership notifications are sent by email to reduce costs. The annual meeting has been in March. Membership is from Jan. 1 until Dec. 31 each year.

Please note that your payment is for membership on your check to HSJCWA or on our PayPal donate page. 

The first year you need to fill out the form at right.

Donate Pet Food

High quality pet food is always needed.

Join Us Form

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They take boats too—no muss, no fuss!

They take boats too—no muss, no fuss!

We are signed up with a vehicle donation service that will pick up your vehicle, running or not, sell it, give you all the tax deduction info, and give us the proceeds.


Walk for us!

An app for your phone!

You can have a free pedometer for your phone and make money for us.  Easy to do. You can have a virtual dog, run or bike. Just find us on the app under Washington HSJCWA (there are other Jefferson Counties.) If you are into Pokémon Go this app is for you.